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What do you seek from an investment?

“CAPM Unit Fund” is the first and only digitized open-end mutual fund in Bangladesh with investment objective to achieve long term capital appreciation with regular dividend income. The fund has been designed very professionally by scrutinizing the needs of both institutional and individual investors.

“CAPM Unit Fund” as a modern and digital investment instrument will not only allow you to “Invest” but also to “Save” at the same time for future earnings. Investment in CAPM Unit Fund will allow you to maximize your return than any other investment vehicles available in the same risk-return spectrum.

Tax Benefits on Investment

Investment in CAPM Unit Fund will grant two way tax benefits:

15% Tax rebate benefit over investment value upto Tk. 1.5 Crore or upto 25% of total income whichever is lower.

Dividend income are tax exempted upto Tk. 25,000/- under income Tax Ordinance 1984.
An example are given*

Regular Dividend Income:

CAPM Unit Fund offers regular dividend income from the funds inceptions and The dividend histories of the fund are 6%, 5%, 5%, 11% and 13% over the last six year.

Dividend incomes are tax exempted upto TK. 25,000.00.

The Dividend income from the fund may be accepted as cash and/or as reinvestment units under Cumulative Investment Plan (CIP).

Capital Appreciation Benefits:

CAPM Unit Fund gives you the opportunity to earn some capital gain several times over the investment period on long run.

Convenience and Liquidity

CAPM Unit Fund eliminates the cumbersome processes of buying, selling and safekeeping of paper certificates. This is the first open-end fund in Bangladesh to issue digital certificate with digital signature.

Easy online based subscription and Surrender processes as well as use of modern banking services will enable investors to encashment the units at a shortest possible time. So, this instrument will enjoy high liquidity.

*An Example of Your Benefit

Suppose, your gross monthly income is Tk. 60,000/- with basic pay of 60% and also have two bonus equal to the basic pay.

In this scenario, your total Tax Payable (yearly) according to current tax slab is Tk. 25,400/-.

Now, if you invest Tk. 1,00,000/- in CAPM Unit Fund, then you will get a tax rebate of Tk. 15,000/-

And your total Tax Payable (yearly) according to current tax slab will be Tk. 10,400/- only.

Tax Calculation is as follows:

Total Taxable Income (Yearly) 504,000 Tk.
Tax Payable 25,400 Tk.
Tax Rebate Benefit 15,000 Tk.
Actual Tax Payable 10,400 Tk.
Total Income Maximized by 2.98%

Your Total gain from the Investment will be as follows: (assuming an investment duration of one year)

Tax Rebate Benefit Tk. 15,000
Dividend Income (@8.75.00% of Last 4 years) Tk. 8,750

Total Tk. 23,750

Your Annual Gain is 23.75%!!

To Invest in CAPM Unit Fund:

1. Visit CAPM Company Limited, or
2.Visit a nearest Transaction Agent

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